Autonomous transport robot that combines the mobility and versatility.

The know-how of the AGV that has been accumulated over the years in the base, the development of the transport robot responsible for the next generation.
Mounting the SLAM function hardware that enables omnidirectional traveling.
More flexible, more efficiently carry things.

product name GAIA
Vehicle weight 80kg
Vehicle dimension 1100(L)×630(W)×300(H)
Power-supply voltage DC24V (battery DC12V × 2 months)
Maximum loading capacity 100kg
Traveling function All direction movement
Traveling speed 5m / min ~ 60m / min (12 stage at 5m / min increments)
The minimum turning radius 600mm (when less than the speed 25m / min)
Stopping accuracy ± 10mm (at the time of high accuracy stop)
Pitched ability 1/50
Position recognition Ranging by the two-dimensional laser scanner + pulse, gyro
Drive system Two-wheel drive before and after
Steering system Two-wheel steering before and after
Wheel Material Wheel: urethane, casters: urethane
Communication function Wi-Fi wireless communication system, a private wireless communication system, an optical space communication system
Charging function Automatic charging (rapid) system
Power-off function A certain period of time (configurable) traveling, forced power-off function of the case without the transfer operations