Era to design the transfer robot to fit the luggage ends!

Robot according to the length and shape of the conveyed object is to convey to the destination set the ranks.
The robot, which was developed by the joint research of the 2009 Kyushu Institute of Technology is, realize an entirely new transport style.

product name ANT
Vehicle weight 70kg
Vehicle dimension 655(L)×655(W)×300(H)
Power-supply voltage DC24V (battery DC12V × 2 months)
Maximum loading capacity 50kg
Traveling function Omni-directional movement by Omni wheel (Mekanamu)
Traveling speed 5m / min ~ 60m / min (12 stage at 5m / min increments)
The minimum turning radius 700mm (when less than the speed 25m / min)
Stopping accuracy ± 10mm (high precision stop sensor is installed)
Pitched ability 1/25 (due to the shape of the Omni Hall)
Position recognition Pulse, gyro
Drive system Four-wheel omni wheel
Steering system Four-wheel speed difference control
Wheel Material Urethane
Communication function Wi-Fi wireless communication system, a private wireless communication system, an optical space communication system