Planning from up to maintenance,
to provide a total solution of the transport system


project proposal

The customer's demand is various even if it is called a physical distribution system. There is a system of a stand-alone type in the small scale, and are a system named ERP, MRP, MES, and WMS and large-scale systems that make them cooperate.
To realize not only the customer's demand but also "Ideal", we will offer total dissolution.
Moreover, not only the FA industry but also the commercial facility in the airport and the shopping mall, etc. , the public institutions such as the hospitals and libraries, and even the ordinary family furthermore proposes the robot that can correspond flexibly in various environments.


Research and Development

engineer keep researching and developing it to invent a new thing every day.
A novel thing is invented from a considerable experience and an original conception. And, only when the high appraisal is received from the customer, we experience a sense of mastery.
It tries and errs until extending to the detail like not only the function but also the cost performance and energy efficiency, etc. , and a confident product is developed.


manufacturing and sales

As for the product which we offer, the most are OEM.
Ready-made goods such as sensors and motors voluntarily evaluate and select the performance and the ability.
Moreover, a skilled engineer is involved in work in the part processing and the manufacturing process of assembling it.
A completed product sells many hundreds of drinking ..passing inspection item that reaches.. as it fills as the performance is evaluated spending long time, and the specification is enough, and safety is kept.



Serviceman who acquired expertise are on the register in a domestic office.
Moreover, if serviceman of the cooperation company that makes maintenance a specialty are included, the number exceeds 100.
Serviceman are made to attend an education at the system importation and a periodic maintenance practice, and a high maintenance ability is made to be maintained.
It corresponds to the system that has been operating for 24 hours aiming at the restoration within one hour after the failure as Oncorl corresponds.



We Takumi, G E N Co., Ltd. and KenControls Co.,Ltd. and the National University Corporation Kyushu Institute of Technology collaboration.
Dissolution that the customer can be satisfied is being offered by a joint research of a forte, abundant experiences of each enterprise, and universities.

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